Zangief is Bulkier Than Ever

05 October 2015


Come to think of It, no Street Fighter should ever be made without this guy! He’s a classic. He’s still on Street Fighter V and he’s larger than ever. Mother Russia will be proud.


First Impressions

Still the classic moves… and wait, did I see an air grab!? An anti-air move to aircombo to air grab! that’s what it is. He also has a projectile blocker using a headbutt of some sort. And what’s this? a diagonal Lauriat!? Zangief looks like he got steriods to the maximum level.

zangief Catastrophe

Only thing missing though, and the most important so far, is the ULTIMATE ATOMIC BUSTER, We need to hear those words… Ultimate… Atomic… Buster!!!


Roster Update

Okay so classic characters meant Street Fighter 1 and 2 afterall… This could mean we won’t be seeing Alex and Urien at launch… could they? We only have 1 more spot for the ‘8 Classic Characters’ clue so chances are a little slim for these two. It may also be a possibility that Dhalsim will be announced next or maybe some other classic character? We wouldn’t know for sure. But I do hope it wouldn’t be Dhalsim :D

Current Street Fighter V Launch Roster October 2015

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