Visualizing Commits With Gource

01 November 2015

Gource is a visualization tool for historical commits on your repositories. It creates a dynamic tree-like animation that is simply gorgeous!

Here’s a quick look on how it works.

You can install gource via homebrew

brew install gource

You can then run gource on the root directory of your project and watch in awe.

with some tweeking, I came up with the command below to output the animation to an mp4 video.

gource -s 0.1 --hide filenames,dirnames,mouse,progress --camera-mode overview --user-scale 2 --bloom-intensity 0.1 --bloom-multiplier 0.1 --highlight-users -1280x720 --title "Video Title” --output-ppm-stream - --output-framerate 30 | avconv -y -r 30 -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm -i - -b 65536K moviefilename.mp4


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