Ultra Street Fighter IV Final Changes

10 April 2014

Looks like we now have a final list of nerfs and buffs for Ultra Street Fighter IV. Checkout this list from Shoryuken.com

As for Rose

  • Forward Dash total frames reduced from 21F to 20F

  • Close Standing MK hitbox slightly expanded downward

  • Crouching LP damage increased from 20 to 30

  • Crouching LK damage increased from 30 to 40

  • Crouching MP damage increased from 60 to 70

  • L Soul Spiral forward movement distance slightly increased

  • L, M and H Soul Spiral damage increased from 100 to 110

  • EX Soul Spiral damage increased from 120 to 130; stun increased from 100 to 200; invincibility time increased from 11F to 13F; throw invincibility removed

  • M Soul Spark start-up reduced from 22F to 20F

  • H Soul Spark start-up reduced from 29F to 27F

  • Illusion Spark (UC1) start-up reduced from 12F to 10F

  • Soul Satellite (UC1) command input changed from 214214+PPP to 214214+KKK; recovery increased from 2F to 4F

Now I’m one happy Rose player… :D

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