Time to Upgrade? OSX El Capitan

10 October 2015

To Upgrade or not to Upgrade

I got the El Capitan Update sitting on my Mac for a week now, and I still can’t decide if I need to press the continue button. It could be a breaze and the risk may not be that big at all but I still need to manage a little shortage of space. Apparently El Capitan is huge!

el capitan

Upgrade Checklist

Before upgrading we may need to consider some guidelines and checklists before clicking on that continue button. Here’s a quick guide on getting your mac ready for El Capitan

Here’s a good “Why Upgrade Artcile” you might want to read as well. Just so you know, I haven’t upgraded to El Capitan myself until I have checked all possible issues.

el capitan

For Web Developers

It could be a bit risky upgrading when you are on a tight deadline to finish things and would not have the luxury of tweaking issues that may arise when upgrading an operating system. It could affect your libraries at most, Xcode command line tools in particular could possibly mess up your setup of Apache, PHP, Ruby, or others dependent on it. If you use Homebrew, you may remember issues coming in upon ugrading to Yosemite before. Hopefully though it would be well thought of on this update. besides, this update is more of an under the hood kinda update that promises “speeds” things up. Nothing too fancy like changing configurations and what-not.

But just in case, check your libraries and search the net for issues associated with El Capitan. I’ll update this post with what I find out as well. In the mean time… I’ll let that upgrade notice sit a few more days :D

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