Synchronizing Blogs

27 August 2009

I’ve been synchronizing blogs all night, and after a sudden feel of pain on the neck. I figured, WHADDAHELL AM I DOING THIS FOR!?

Anyways I figured out that Multiply Blogs are the hardest to export, I sometimes ended up copy pasting the whole post and edit the “published on” option to the right to get the Multiply blog to this blog.

Live Journal to Wordpress

Probably the easiest transfer I did. here’s a brief outline of the steps:

  1. log in to your wordpress blog.
  2. Go to Tools > Import (at least on version 2.8.4)
  3. Select Live Journal on the options provided
  4. Enter your Live Journal Username and Password
  5. Done

Blogger to Wordpress

  1. log in to your wordpress blog.
  2. Go to Tools > Import (at least on version 2.8.4)
  3. Select Blogger
  4. Click on “Authorize” to bring you to Google page.
  5. Click on Grant access to have google allow wordpress to access your Blogger account.
  6. On wordpress once again, select from the list the blog you want to import.
  7. You might want to set authors when finished.
  8. Done.

Multiply to Wordpress

  1. Visit your page
  2. on the right side bar, look for the “RSS feed” link. Right click on it then  select “save link as”
  3. save the rss feed as an rss file (ex. multiplyblog.rss)
  4. log in to your wordpress blog.
  5. Go to Tools > Import (at least on version 2.8.4)
  6. Select RSS
  7. browse for your rss feed then click “upload file and import”
  8. Sadly, multiply only allows up to 25 posts to be exported so your import would be limited and most of the time the posts are summarized…. tsktsktsk.
  9. Check on your exported blogs manually on multiply and copy the entire contents then paste on Wordpress (this could be the only way up to this moment. if you got a better idea, please do share).
  10. yeah… done.

It would be up to you if you want to do the same thing on all your posts past the 25 posts allowed on the rss feed extraction.

I don’t think its necessary to import my other blogs here, after all, I got all the important stuff right here. If I had to import blogs from Tweeter, Friendster Blog and Xanga. I would simply update this post.

This stuff is tiring!!!


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