Street Fighter V Roster Predictions Part 2

11 August 2015

Vega… He’s in… so it seems like one of my predictions won’t be coming back after all…

Current Street Fighter V Launch Roster Aug 2015

9 Down and 7 More to go. VEGA Is a good addition to the cast since his Spanish Ninjutsu style is quite unique and will give the diversified character roster that SFV needs. It only makes we wonder though. If Vega is back, then what about Balrog and Sagat? I really don’t mind having no Balrog and Sagat at all on this game. I mean, I have them mained at least once on some games But it would really be more interesting to see other characters get in the roster. at least for this initial release.

And Vega is NOT a charge character anymore? hmm…


So one of These guys will not make it in… too bad… Still got high hopes for Karin though. Crossing fingers now.

My SFV Wishlist

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