Spotify Premium in the Philippines

21 April 2014

Every developer has to have good access to music. Together with coffee, it’s a definite necessity for developers to listen to music while working to keep themselves zoned in. Do you know anyone who doesn’t?

Spotify has been a great resource for music. Needless to say, Filipino users including myself have rejoiced recently when Spotify has been made available in the Philippines thanks to Coca Cola.

So now, Spotify is officially available in the Philippines. you can check out the Spotify PH site here, create an account and download the app. You would also be surprised to know that the premium subscription is just P129 a month. Not bad since its priced at $10 a month on other countries.

One drawback though is when you pay using Paypal, regardless if your Paypal account is linked to a bank account, the payment process will still prompt you to link a debit/credit card to your Paypal account (Which is quite senseless since you chose Paypal over credit card payment in the first place). One possible reason for this is the sensitivity of country specific music license terms. It may be possible to ensure that the payment is made from a local bank if a paypal account is linked to a debit/credit card. But thats just me speculating. Ehe.

Anyways, Spotify is still awesome. Go try it out! and on your way, why don’t you try to listen to one of my favorite tracks from Mark King’s Level 42… Mr Pink! … and follow me as well :D

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