09 July 2014


RWBY has been a much awaited animated series from the creator of a highly popularised experimental cross-up between characters (mostly women) of Dead or Alive and Final Fantasy aptly named, Dead Fantasy :D. Dead Fantasy was a series of 6 short episodes jam-packed with action sequences with the characters from both games (exactly what the fans have always been wanting to see). Unfortunately, it didn’t went past episode 6. After a couple of years though, Monty and a new team from Rooster Teeth had launched, RWBY, an original series that somehow took the action-packed awesomeness of Dead Fantasy into a deeper story line complete with dialogues and voice acting. It features more loveable characters each with their own original story in a style to which Otakus and Gamers would really enjoy.

However, some may say it still needs a lot of improvement and hopefully the team had made some on this next volume coming in July. For what its worth, its still a great few minutes of cool fight scenes and annoying anime antics. Anyways, you be the judge when it hits the web.

Volume 2 Premieres in July 24, 2014.

Need to get an idea how Dead Fantasy was like?

And also, checkout the full list of episodes from volume 1 here.

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