Roster Predictions on Street Fighter V

21 July 2015

Okay so given the known facts about the Street Fighter V Launch roster we are nearing its last reveal.

Current Street Fighter V Launch Roster July 2015

Based on the official announcement last July, we will be having a total of 16 Offical release characters in which 4 of them are new and haven’t been playable since. We already have Necalli revealed as one of the new ones just a few days ago and it makes me wonder who the other 3 are…

Every reveal has been exciting and I can’t help but make my own assumptions to who will be releaved next. so here are my predictions… or rather wishlist of characters included in the game.

My SFV Wishlist


There had been so many requests recently to add Karin back to the roster. And why not!? she’s versatile, unpredictable and really fun to use. Me for one am a big fan, her character design had been a major inspiration on many of my works. And I’ve also had her on the top of my list when Capcom announced a new character going back to Ultra Street Fighter IV… (which had been Decapre all along). Knowing that Capcom respond to fan requests and they value the community inputs, they will respond to the request and have Karin back… Please have her back…


The story of Abel involves Nash. On a rival scene with Guile on Street Fighter IV, he mentioned he knows someone who could do the Sonic Boom as well. Guile quickly asked if he was referring to Charlie Nash whom he knew was the only other person who can do the Sonic Boom (except for Seth who we all know just copied it) and then, it ended there. Charlie is the key to unlocking Abel’s memories, so having Nash in the tournament would definitely have Abel interested to join. At least on the storyline point of view. So yeah, its possible that he’ll be coming back.


Clues had been circulating on the web on Alex’s return to the Street Fighter V roster. the billboard sign, The words “I’ll be back”. Plus the countless fans wanting him to return… The chances are high and it wouldn’t hurt for another grappler to return, if we will be missing out on El Fuerte, Hakkan or even Zangief. He’s also close to becoming the main character for Street Fighte III. So why not Capcom!?


No special reason here, I just want a Dhalsim alternative :D. Twelve has been a good replacement for Dhalsim in Street Fighter III and seeing as though the storyline is getting closer to the Street Fighter III timeline, which is detailed here. Its a good chance some Characters from the game will be returning. Special mentions would be Q, Oro and Sean but I would want Twelve to be on it if I need to choose one. and did I mention I hate Dhalsim?


Have you seen Charlie’s forehead? He has a Blue gem similar to Urien’s. It could be implied that Urien has something to do with the revival of Charlie or Charlie could have beaten Urien and took his powers or something like that. But then again, no traces of Urien’s abilities can be seen on Charlie’s moves. Still, its still a possibility and I would love to see Urien back, It would greatly help diversify the game.. with his manly diapers and all.

In my opinion these characters would really add the right balance in the initial release of the game. and probably months after that. but I wouldnt be surprised if Capcom will be increasing the roster in time for about 52? at least?

What would make a series more interesting than introducing new playable characters?

I would accept Zangief, Dhalsim, Balrog, Sagat E. Honda and the rest of the core street fighter roster not to be present on the initial release. I’m pretty sure they would still, in a few months or so, be coming back to join the fight after the release. So no heart breaks just yet.

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