Reinitialising a Blog

06 April 2014

Okay, so my blog has been around for years now and the last post I ever published was 3 years ago… So, what the heck have I been doing all these years!? :D

A truck load of stuff has happened and I bet you may not be interested to even bother to ask. So instead of retelling everything up to this date and eventually throw up in the end. I would just have to try to “reinitialise” this blog and make good use of it somehow. My goal, from this post forward, is to redevelop this blog, pinpoint some mistakes and slowly revive my blogging habbit. Hopefully you would learn a thing or two as you read along.

Developing Purpose

I’ve been trying to develop Reengo as a brand that would showcase my work and experiences and eventually be an extension of my personal and professional life. But lacking a definite purpose often develops confusion as to what goals you really want to achieve by establishing your blog. As bloggers we have to, at the very least, define a clear idea on the purpose of what we are writing about. If the whole idea of blogging doesn’t make sense to you, how would it make sense to others reading it (That could be the main reason why this blog is not working, it only satisfies me :D). The purpose we have to seek out is the concept of a post being “share-worthy “. Sometimes, posts not making any sense to others are interesting to some. and then maybe, we should ask ourselves the question: “Why would anybody read this !@#$?”, it would help a lot, really.

I never run out of ideas, problem is, when I am about to write something, I jump into different ideas along the way. Most of the time, its a generalised idea, not a specific topic. There are so many things worth writing about, and sometimes we get so excited to write about all of them that we end up not writing anything at all. I got a lot of drafts as I checked out my posts and none of them had content worth sharing at all. Outlining topics to write about early on is a good thing, but you also have to keep up on the new ideas coming along as well. Sometimes, keeping up is lot of work on its own.

As most blog strategy guides may say, you need to choose a niche and develop your blog from there. But as I figured, it doesn’t matter what niche you are writing about, what matters is if you can keep on writing or not. Content is King!, and if you don’t have content, you’re blog may not work at all. But how do you want your blog to work anyways? is it your main purpose to monetise from your blog? or maybe just share your content, have a voice in a topic of choice and eventually earn money from it? either way, you need to keep on making content or else, your blog is as good as dead.

To Share or Not To Share

Social media sharing has been a necessity for online publishing. If you want to publish your work successfully, you need to look into sharing content to social networks. Relying solely on SEO would let you miss out on a huge chunk of audience that social networks may provide you. Personally, I find it hard to share my posts on my personal social networks. Mainly because I get too conscious to the fact that my content could become a laughing stock not only to my friends list, but also to my colleagues and ex-coworkers who does the same thing. But come to think of it, you cant really categorise your peers into niche markets and selectively share your content to them. You’ll never know who would be interested in what you write unless they get to read it. If the reason why you blog is to keep your content to yourself, then you shouldn’t have made it public in the first place. However, if a diary/journal is the main purpose you want your blog to follow, there are a lot of great apps out there that you can consider nowadays that lets you do so. But then again, some people like myself, simply enjoys blogging regardless if anybody reads them or not. If you don’t share your content to social networks, people who randomly visits your site and actually reads your posts may share them for you, but it won’t be as effective as you sharing them on your own social networks.

Too Much Variety Could Be Boring

Got a multitude of content categories on your posts? sometimes, its hard to keep up posting when you have a lot on your mind to post about. Let this blog be an example. It has a comics section that is not updated since the last 2 episodes of a single title, It has an Apps section where the only published content at the time of writing is 2. Point is, it would make more sense to categorise posts if there would be a lot of them appearing on one category. If we have 2 posts on a category, maybe we don’t need to have a separate section on the blog for them. Organise your posts strategically, help people navigate your site with ease like one would browse a restaurant menu for food. you wouldn’t want to have a beverage section with only Iced Tea in it.

Start Working

So yeah, the key to making your blog a success is to define your blog’s success first hand. What do you really want your blog to become? Ultimately, bloggers would want to make their content useful for others, in any way it could. So help them find your content. Give them access to the juicy parts. Don’t be shy and keep your awesome content to yourself.

So its time for some clean up work, treat your blog like your own room, it will stink unless you clean it. post more to share more and maybe one post would make a difference for one person. For me, I’ll start by reestablishing this blog.

feature photo credit: Huasonic

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