Rashid of the Turbulent Wind

30 September 2015

No Cody

Well, Ono did it again… The hurricane graphics he sent was not Cody’s Criminal Upper at all. And it makes sense since they Revealed Rashid in Dubai.

I remember the last Middle Eastern Character seen on Street Fighter was Pullum from Street Fighter EX, and since Aria owns that rights to her, Rashid could be the first Middle Eastern Character on Street Fighter Officially :D


First Impressions

This new character looks great! For me he’s a mix of Cammy/Decapre, Dhalsim, Cody and El Fuerte in some sense. See those dive kicks? awesome. The aguility reminds me of El Fuerte and that Criminal upper thingy, it looks like a stagnant Yoga Catastrophe which kinda makes this new character pretty bad ass.

Rashid Catastrophe

I’m getting curious how his move set would look like. I’m guessing that he’s a charge character which would make more sense cause he could execute pretty darn fast.


By the looks of things, Rashid looks very much promising. In fact I could probably main this character just by that visor he has! OVER 9000! This makes me glad, since all the New Characters so far looks really good. Keeping my hopes up for the other 2….


Roster Update

Okay so Karin is still not announced… this gets me worried… nevertheless, we still have that 1 slot for ‘4 characters that we haven’t seen for a while’ section. Most likely it would be Karin, because… Capcom. :D

Current Street Fighter V Launch Roster September 2015

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