Plurking and Tumbling

05 August 2010

I’ve been getting lots of links to these blogging platforms so I decided to try them. I’ve just created a Plurk page and tidied up my Tumblr account to explore the features and whatnot and both of them looks nice.


So far, Microblogging has been rapidly becoming a trend nowadays. The only one I had before was Twitter and now, Plurk seems to be quite interesting with their KARMA system and not to mention that Gantt-like timeline system on top they call “Plurks” which I could very much relate to as a project manager. Plurk would seem like an expanded Twitter with more stuff to do than just microblogging and unlike Twitter, Plurk’s microblogs are more visual (not visually appealing in that context). Given more time I would definitely try to max out my Karma, it could be fun.


Simpler is always better, I like the way they kept things simple on** Tumblr** and that includes the missing “e”. I also kind of think of it as a simplified **Multiply **if you ask me, customization are well arranged which proves that the guys behind this platform focused more on the end-user experience rather than the end-user expectation. I would like it better if I haven’t been blogging on multiply for years but hey! its still not too late to move right? eheh.

With all the cool things sprouting over the internet nowadays, I wouldn’t be surprised if something better comes about every now and then. This would make people spend more time in the cloud, make their stay a lot more fun and worthwhile and therefore make more IT related businesses in the market. In the industry I’m in, this is a helluva good thing.

My Plurk Page

My Tumblr Page

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