About Reengo

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You have just landed on Reengo. Its an anything goes blog, about a gamer and a developer sharing coding and gaming adventures to the world.

Why Reengo?

Google, Yahoo! and Facebook have 2 letter ‘o’s in them?, Reengo has 2 ‘e’s… no connection whatsoever :D. But 2 ‘e’s would basically stand for Exceptional and Entertaining at least that what I hope this blog would be.

This blog is mainly about my coding and gaming experiences I write stuff that I think would be interresting for guys like me.

What’s with the Code Monkey Reference?

It started with this song by Jonathan Coulton, a very inspiring song which I could relate very well to in the early days of my career. Unfortunately, code monkeys are also often referred to as programmers who does repetitive code, usually inexperienced developers who does all the boring stuff. Moving up to a point where I no longer need to call myself a code monkey, I still look back on how it was back then when all I could do, was follow what my boss tells me to do.

Where I’m at

I may not post that much on social networks but if you happen to get curious and want to follow me around, please do so. and dont forget to click like on the likebox

Technical Stuff

This site loads fast because it behaves like a complete static blog :D Its built on Jekyll with content written in Markdown. FE is built on Bootstrap 3 with CSS preprocessed with LESSCSS. Jquery was used for DOM manipulations and easy animations with animate.css. Feel free to browse the code here;