No Conflict Jquery

08 April 2014

Working with Magento, you may encounter issues with Javascript libraries. Especially when dealing with an older version (CE 1.7), you may have conflicts with jQuery versions particularly the one you used for Bootstrap (most likely the latest). Unfortunately, Magento CE 1.7 uses prototype.js for most of its front end which also uses the ($) symbol used by jQuery, and prototype.js is only compatible to jQuery 1.5 and below. Therefore, its a no go for Bootstrap which uses jQuery 1.7 at the very least.

One known solution for this is to use jQuery.noConflict to let you use the symbol, instead of renaming it to jQuery.


(function($) {
   $(function() {
      // your js code goes here.

Read more about jQuery noConflict here. If you happen to have the same problem, hope this one helps.