New Rise of the Tomb Raider Gameplay Video

13 August 2015

These days, watching game trailers innevitably makes amazes you. How the level of realism has improved over the years, how close to like-like these games are now. If you are a 90’s kid and you are used to seeing Lara Croft in polygons with sharp edges, you will definitely consider this as ‘NEXT GEN’ Visuals!

Amazing, AMAZING graphics… Physics have been more realistic than the first reboot on PS3 and the story seems to be more interesting and engaging as well. Having the same ‘travel the world and raid tombs’ kinda story. And have you noticed any difference between in-game graphics and cutsceens? THERE IS NONE! cinematics and gameplay are smoothly transitioned without delay. For most gamers that are used to playing the most recent games on X-Box One and PS4, this may be a common thing, but Its just plain gorgeous.

Release Date is set on November 10, 2015 on X-Box One. No confirmation for a PS4 Release yet but rumors state that there will be… I mean why not?

I do not own an X-Box One but if this is an exclusive title and will not be released on PS4, It could be the first reason I have of buying one.

Previous Gameplay Trailer

There already was a gameplay video released a couple of months ago and it was just as awesome as this one. It focuses more on Lara’s survival skills and combat abilities.

I remember that last Tomb Raider back in 2013. I really enjoyed using Bow and Arrows… until I started playing The Last of Us :D. It’s all nostalgic and fun at the same time as you play around familiar but modernized game mechanics like shimmying sideways on a ledge, diving, sliding over wild rivers and dramatically zooming out on a massive view of what you will be exploring in the next couple of hours.

This makes a fan happy. Finally, a new Tomb Raider game is coming.

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