NBI Clearance Renewal

13 September 2010

NBI Clearance Renewal Card

I never knew renewing my NBI clearance certificate for work would be this easy! The last time I took a clearance renewal had been a very bad experience, I’ve been through hoards of applicants at the satellite office in Quezon City Hall, HUNDREDS! (could be thousands, eheh) if I could remember right. Its a good thing I decided to get a “Clearance Renewal Card” when I did the same thing a couple of years back. It only got convenient just early this morning, and judging from how government operations sucks, this system surprisingly works!

So I planned to go to Park Square Makati this morning to renew my NBI clearance, since I’ve always known that this location has a shorter line, I didn’t think twice and tried it. Unfortunately, I woke up late and arrived at the area around 10am! (good job!)… To my surprise, I saw this line of applicants literally circling around the mall like there’s a rally or something. I forgot that it was Monday, and most people choose this day (out of all weekdays to choose from) to take care of their work document requirements! I quickly pulled out my “NBI Clearance Renewal Card” and started asking the staff how to use it. It was a great relief to find out that I no longer need to fall in line along with those hundreds of applicants outside, but unfortunately again, the machine to process card-based applications was under maintenance… some luck.

It was 11:00am when I decided to look up the Mega Mall branch since the staff told me that the machine is working there. I quickly took a ride at the MRT, took off at Shaw Blvd. Station (should have taken the ortigas station… tsktsk.) and walked all the way up to Megamall B. I asked the information desk where the NBI Clearance renewal station was, the staff pointed at the utility stairs and again, a seemingly rallying line of applicants was at my face. I quickly asked the last person in line if it was indeed the end of it and he nodded. I assumed that the station was at the second floor so I quickly followed the line up the stairs. When I got to the 2nd floor, the line was still there. I moved up another floor and still… the line was friggin’ there!.

I got all the way up to the 5th floor and was catching my breath when I knew that the line still goes all the way down to the basement on the right section of the stairs… The line actually starts at the basement and climbs the stairs up to the 5th floor and then back at the basement where the line still gets longer.

Lucky for me I got an NBI Clearance Renewal Card, the staff showed me an express lane where card users fall in and there was just a mere 5 people ahead of me. I quickly paid for my clearance (115 PHP), took my reciept, got my digital picture taken on the same line, and waited for the printout. I then imprinted my thumb mark and was done in less than 30 minutes! I was so happy that I went out passing through the people in line boasting my card a bit. Bwehehe.

I suggest you get your own card when you try to get your first clearance. This only costs around 100 Php (at the time I took one) and your latest “readable” clearance printout. It was indeed very useful and it can be used on both local and travel clearances.

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