Moving Forward With Mobile Web

24 April 2014

So a few months back I was invited to speak to Bulacan State University (BSU) about Responsive Web Development. I was with my colleague Peter who in turn discussed about Javascript and everything cool about it. Our audience, graduating BSIT students of BSU.

Having no computer college experience, I was keen on maintaining an impression that school is great and that’s where you need to stay to get the knowledge that you need to have good professional IT career. But moving along my talk, I figured, the kids are missing out on a lot of important lessons to even start an IT career. And well, at least they learn the fundamentals but in web development, those who keep up to speed with new technologies are the ones who succeed. The guys don’t even know about jQuery yet. But what is success in web development anyways?

Below is a prezi of what I discussed. They requested a demo of Bootstrap so we did just that.

I shared some info about the current trends, some statistics to prove that mobile web is the way to go and how we should build websites that adapt to the demand of mobile compatibility. I also shared some guidelines on how we can decide whether or not to build apps natively on iOS and Android or simply use web view.

The talk/workshop lasted a good 3 hours and we’ve developed a responsive website built on Twitter Bootstrap along the way. It was a very rewarding talk as the students were very attentive and interested to learn more about the awesomeness of Bootstrap. I never knew sharing knowledge would be this fun.

Image Credit: Stéphanie Walter [CC-BY-SA-3.0]

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