Markdown Boy! Down!

02 October 2014

I’ve been planning to try Blogging using Markdown on Jekyll for the longest time, I usually feel a quirky bit of arousal thinking about it until finally I’ve set one up using Jekyll-Bootstrap :D. I’ve had more than enough fun with Wordpress for years and I really wanted to move my blog out and start a different environment writing, until timingly, my site had been down for quite a while and triggered an erection :D

##Trying out Markdown Blogging

I wanted something really easy to implement and it seems like I’ve hit the sweetspot here. JekyllBootstrap is surprisingly easy to put up, checkout the website if you want to see what I mean. My previous wp powered blog The Code Monkey Blog runs on 2012 tech. Front End was built on Zurb Foundation 2 and quite a bit of a mess on Javascript from countless experiments :D. Goodbye Dashboards and admin panels! Lets see how much more progress I make compared to writing on Wordpress :D

Second to what I’ve considered using was Ghost, nice UI and promising theming options. But I really didn’t want to install anything else and simply use the same resources I use when I code. I’ve also had a quick read on other Markdown parsing blog apps following through this mashable post.

As you can see, I’ve been trying out Markdown Syntax as well :D this Markdown Cheatsheet helped me out. And yes, html tags still works. Its just like writing your content and coding your markup in plain text all at the same time! try it by running a local server and watch for updates as you type:

$ gem install jekyll
~ $ jekyll new my-awesome-site
~ $ cd my-awesome-site
~/my-awesome-site $ jekyll serve

You can then open your browser and check your post at http://localhost:4000

##Next Steps

I’ll try and blog as much out of my experience trying out this platform (among other things). and probably the next item on my ToDo list here is to create a good custom theme design apart from this default design.

And it seems like a good sign when all of a sudden, the music that inspired me to start my blog came up playing on my Spotify Playlist!

#Hooray! for my first Markdown Post!!! WOOHOO!!!**.

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