Mad Catz Tournament Edition Fight Stick Pro

24 April 2014

So I recently bought a Limited Edition Mad Catz Street Fighter X Tekken Tournament Edition Fight Stick Pro (Pants at the long title :D). Its with great satisfaction that I get to play smoothly with very responsive buttons. FADCs are executed with ease and you can feel that mild recoil upon button press that feels better than cheaper fight sticks.

Tried it with my good friend and sparring partner Rich (PSN/KingFarenheit) and went on playing for at least 6 hours! He still dominates with the super annoying Sim but this bad boy keeps me up with the fight and its a lot more fun that way. :D

The awesome MadCatz SFXT Tournament Edition Fight Stick Pro.

I’ve had an imitation of the Tekken 6 FightStick which comes in cheap here in the Philippines. Most of them are high maintenance, that the buttons often break. Well its an imitation of the original high priced fight stick so what else would you expect. But coming from that premise, It feels great to own and use one with very good quality.

Tekken6 Fight Stick

Whats in the Box?

I got a good deal for the box priced at P4,900 PHP ($110 USD). The box includes the following:

  1. MadCatz SFXT Tournament Edition Fight Stick Pro
  2. Street Fighter X Tekken Full Game
  3. Limited Edition Move Set Cards 4. Launch Attack Pack (Gems, Quick Combos, Character Colors etc.)
  4. Iron Curtain Pack (From the game).

Checkout these images below for a glympse of whats inside Pandora’s Box

[gallery columns=”4” ids=”1636,1628,1629,1630,1632,1631,1633,1634”]

Overall, I give it my super awesome seal of quality. I just hope it stays that way for a long long time of button smashing :D.

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