Laura and the Famitsu Leak

10 October 2015


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu! Alright! and Bewbs! :D Seems like we got lots of it on Street Fighter V (Except Karin). Anyways, Laura looks really awesome, aside from the hot brazilian capoeira / jujitsu outfit, her moves are really cool.


First Impressions

Dee Jay, Blanka and Abel are the characters I see with Laura. She’s got a really slow electric projectile, grappling combos slightly similar to Abel’s and that electric powers reminiscent of Blanka. Not to mention that rolling critical art grab at the end.

laura Catastrophe

Sean’s Older Sister

As it turns out, Laura is the older sister of Sean (From Street Fighter III) which kinda does resemble the Ken-wanna-be. Laura seemed to have focused more on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu unlike Sean who is more inclined to Shotokan. Anyways, the backstory would be an interesting one since Sean would most likely have an appearance.


Famitsu Leak

A day or so after the Zangief reveal, Famitsu unintentionally leaked screenshots of Laura along with Zangief’s and made a lot of plans ruined. But then again, it could still be part of a classic marketing strategy and we all got fooled by it.

This leak had forced Capcom to reveal the video ahead of time.


Anyways, Laura looks like a fun character to play.

Roster Update

Since everything is falling into place accordingly, we can backtrack to that roster leak almost a year ago and check its accuracy. A link can be seen here. This one is strikingly accurate since He got Laura and Rashid in it (Though Alex and Urien is still questionable). If this is true, then Zen, a new character from India could be next and quite possibly Dhalsim too can be revealed soon after…. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Current Street Fighter V Launch Roster October 2015

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