Ken Gets Revealed and Kabuki Guy Teaser

10 July 2015

I like Ken… but Honestly… I would have liked it more if Ken didn’t come back. It would have given way to instroducing more new characters.

In all fairness, this new Ken looks a bit different… Diagonal Tatsumaki Senpukyakus? Fire everywhere? looks like a pretty good ranged character with those dashes and reach. But still, I would prefer letting Ken take a break on Street Fighter V. but then again, there could be a lot more fans wanting him back, so… yeah. Hopefully he would feel really different to play this time. which reminds me of this video:

Another thing to know from the reveal video was that image flash at the end…

Is it Akuma? E. Honda Maybe? Looks like a Kabuki of some sort. Quick research tells me, people are also speculating this to be a humanized Blanka… based on hints Yoshinori Ono was twitting about…

Whoever the guy is… let’s just wait and see when the reveal comes…I’m guessing this would be someone really awesome! Hopefully not a Human looking Blanka though.. that would be wierd.

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