Karin! Wishes Granted

30 September 2015

Thank You Capcom

Karin had been one of the most popular characters in the Street Fighter franchise. Fans had been wanting to see her return to a Street Fighter game since Alpha 3 (Including yours truly :D). And this time, guys and gals, our wish had been granted.


First Impressions

It’s great that Capcom have moved Karin away from the schoolgirl look but retained her style with the red outfit and hairdo. It would look really wierd if she’s not wearing red IMO. She looks a bit more like Tekken’s Lili now especially that new fighting stance, but before we shout “rip off”, let’s keep in mind the fact that Karin went out first on Street Fighter Alpha 3 before Lili did in Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection. Despite the new awesome moves, she still feels like the old Karin we used to love playing <3.

It also looks like they have retained a lot of Karin’s moves. We still see the Guren chain combos, some were modified to look great on 3D. We also see the counters particularly Hou Shou and an Anti Air move Ressen Chou, not sure if these moves are named the same as what’s in Alpha 3, and that signature throw.


Karin in Alpha can crank up a lot of mind games when playing around with the Guren chaincombo variants and counters. It looks on the reveal video that she can still confuse opponents with it. Along with that new upper and that back dashing cancel on the Guren chaincombo of some sort (which is really cool by the way).

Roster Update

As we may all know by now, Karin would be the last of the “4 character’s we haven’t seen for a while” clue, which brings us to hint that Alex and Urien may be the last 2 on the “8 Classic Characters” section. That is if by means of “Classic” Capcom meant Street Fighters 1, 2 and 3.

Nevertheless, I’m glad Karin’s in. Peace of mind at last :D

Current Street Fighter V Launch Roster September 2015

4 Characters left to reveal ladies and gents. 4 more to go…

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