HTML5 Game Development

24 April 2014

Just a few weeks later after the Moving Forward with Mobile Web talk we got invited again to speak at Bulacan State University. But this time my talk was about HTML5 Game Development. I couldn’t think of anything good to discuss but the popular game Flappy Bird. The life cycle of the game was just the right topic to discuss. However, It was a great challenge to prepare a game in less than a week with all the things I’ve been doing recently but it paid off good.

I discussed how to create an HTML5 Game using the CreateJS Suite from Adobe. Coming from a former flash game developer it was a sound choice. Below is a Prezi presentation of what I discussed.

So we talked about Dong Nguyen and his Flappy Bird’s fate, some statistics and finally a demo. On the spot, we created a similar game using HTML5 and Javascript (A tutorial on this will come its way soon so no preview just yet. :D). But unfortunately, time is not enough to add in a GameOver state.

Overall It was a great talk. though we haven’t completely finished the game, we received good feedback from a very attentive audience. We also discussed about developing an app using HTML5 and Javascript then porting it on a mobile device using Phonegap but I left them with the curiosity of looking it up online and trying it for themselves :D

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