Flash gets Flushed

18 December 2010

There has been a lot of recent talks regarding Apple’s explicit denial of support for Adobe flash on their devices. Its too buggy for the iphone they say. well… yes, it will have problems, as it always have. but isn’t this move a bit risky? flash has been there since the old days where <marquee> was still cool. Flash revolutionised the way we access content on the web. provided us with videos, interactive websites and games, tons of games! over the years, it may have been hundreds of thousands of these content are still served using Flash. and with this recent gutsy move by Apple, they could be missing out of almost half of the internet.

One of the reasons why Adobe Flash got flushed  was probably because its a proprietary software. no one would be able to make their own advancement with the flash player except for Adobe themselves. they control the features, they innovate on their own, build on their own and publish on their own. One cant really develop their own Flash player, but isn’t this similar to what Apple is doing? Do we smell monopoly here?

Disallowing Flash on Apple devices will definitely flush communities of Flash Developers wanting to develop apps for Apple devices. they will need to get out of ActionScript and start learning Objective-C which eventually grow the Apple Developers community. Sadly, as a flash developer myself, it would be very expensive to switch. For starters, I would need to buy a Mac, since ObjectiveC is an ‘Apple Language’ it will run on Mac OS… this will cause so much pain to the wallet.

Adobe AIR  is a good desktop runtime that can be used for mobile devices. This can still make flash content run on Apple devices, but it still needs to be migrated. and it has to be a native app. With the hundreds of thousands of flash based apps out there, its virtually impossible.

I still love developing on Flash using ActionScript. I still think that its still the best language I’ve worked on since I learned how to code. But as of writing, I am more inclined to working with HTML5, and I guess its inevitable. The internet is rapidly evolving and as developers, we need to adapt rapidly as well. So what if Flash got flushed by Apple? At least, it gave us flash developers an opportunity to learn something new… and expensive. :D

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