Final Fantasy 15 Release Date and 'Dawn' Video

07 August 2015

Everytime there’s news about this game… my inner fan screams out loud. I mean if you haven’t followed the game’s development for the past decade… you’re missing out on something.

Just today, on an interview with director Hajime Tabata… He mentioned something that made one reassurance… We wont be waiting until 2017 for the release of Final Fantasy 15, ‘cause its happening in 2016! … at the very least :D

“We can certainly say to people: it’s not going to be 2017. It’s going to be before that.” - Hajime Tabata

… at the very least…

In the meantime, here’s the awesome FFXV: DAWN TRAILER. **heavy breathing…**

Have you noticed thoes giant Eidolon like creatures fogged out at the background? oooooh…

Is it just me or Noctis’s Dad looks like Liam Neeson? :D

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