Fallout Shelter's Mr Robot

02 September 2015

Sometimes, curiousity is a good marketing tool.

I was sending my dwellers to the wasteland like crazy just to try and validate a rumor that Mr Handy can be found there if you’re lucky enough… well… I got impatient.

I purchased a dollar worth of helper bot that practically does… nothing much.

Mr Handy Purchase

Well atleast it helps you around with collecting resources and stuff.

Good Stuff:

  1. On collect mode, you can leave Mr Handy to do collect resources on 1 floor… just 1 floor.
  2. Mr handy can help put out fires, defend against molerats, radroaches, raiders and deathclaws… good luck with that.
  3. Can be sent out on the wasteland to collect bottle caps
  4. Does not take damage while on the wasteland

Not So Good Stuff:

  1. You need to buy more Mr Handy to collect on multiple floors
  2. Not very sturdy and can be broken but can also be repaired with 2000 bottle caps
  3. Can only have 5 exploring the wasteland at a time.

Mr Handy Switch

Its still fun to watch him go around and try to be good helper bot though. Try giving it a shot, its just $0.99 anyways… $3.99 buys you 5.

But here’s one robot worth watching more though… :D

Mr Robot

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