Fallout Shelter on Android and Deathclaws

15 August 2015


Fallout Shelter has arrived on Android Phones at last! Android users will now be able to create their fallout vaults and play around dweller’s lives like sims.

2 months ago, the game was released for iOS and it became an instant hit. Not only because its a Fallout title, but also because its a fun game to play and really emersive at that. More so if you are a Fallout fan and you are one of those people that are too excited to see this trailer/announcement:

The Game

I’ve played this game right after the announcement at E3 last June. I remember I couldn’t get off the phone for quite a while. My primary objective was to procreate, get as many people in the vault as possible to power rooms and produce resources. But what I got hooked more to was getting my dwellers out on the wasteland, kill creatures and get rare items. It had me going for about a week until I filled in my vault with the maximum dwellers of 200.

Throughout the first release, there were tons of bugs. Game is crashing by just browsing over your dwellers list and massive lags come in when checking out your dwellers outside the vault. However prior to this release for android a lot of them has been fixed and I rarely experience crashes recently.

Deathclaws, Molerats and Robot Butlers

In line with the release of the game on android new stuff also came in to the iOS version… insane stuff, like deathclaws for example.

These badass creatures destroyed a maxed out fortified vault door in an instant and killed most of my MAX Level dwellers in a whim. And there were a few more barrage of them a few minutes later. It was a good addition since the raiders got a little boring despite the added number. 4 of them can now raid your vault at a time with high level weapons. but with a good line of defense, they wouldn’t matter more than these wretched deathclaws

Regardless of the speed and strength of the deathclaws, you can still survive them. Heck you can even let them kill all your dwellers! since you can still revive them with some cash and nothing will ever be lost.

Another set of newcomers are the molerats! slightly stronger than radroaches and just as annoying. Lucky enough, deathclaws dont come in the vault like these guys. …. or can they?

Overall the game had a good boost of interest with some new stuff. And I read that there’s a new butler bot that can be found on the wasteland? This has led me to send almost all of my high level dwellers with max luck to find out. yes, it can be bought on the shop but I’m not spending $0.99 on a helper bot… :D I’ll just try my luck on the wasteland… bet its more fun that way.

Some Thoughts From the Game

There are still a lot of things that can be improved in the game that you would pinpoint easily when you have already maxed out everything… There is literally nothing more you can do other than wait for raids, wait for infestations and try to impregnate all your women…

One wierd thought was if you got your dweller count to 200. all your pregnant women will be pregnant forever. until someone dies and you remove them from the vault that is… so I had some ideas that could help improve the game:

  1. have damage over rooms. fires raids or even wear and tear should damage rooms and you repair them… this would be a lot interesting.
  2. have more raiders come in on raids. about 5 or more or even 10.
  3. I agree that social aspects like raiding other players vaults could be fun, it can also ruin the game. but there could be some clever ways to incorporate them.
  4. 200 dweller limit is fine. but it would be great to have an option to banish or better yet kill a dweller to get new ones on board.
  5. artillery on the vault door could be a good upgrade. It would be great to see deathclaws shot by defenses on the vault doors before they get in.
  6. more room upgrades?

Still the great is fun. on the first week or so. but it wouldn’t hurt to get this experiment to the next level. not just build up some hype on the release of Fallout 4 which is due November 10, 2015.

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