Fallout Shelter

01 July 2015

Build and Watch

Fallout has been released on iOS last month in anticipation of the Fallout 4 game coming out in PS4 soon. It had been fun to play but the fun quickly runs out as you maximize everything on the game in a span of a week or so. You would just see yourself building and watching dwellers converse, shoot some pickup lines and procreate. Much like the sims if you ask me…

It was a good game but some things were lacking for replay value:

1. breakable rooms - it would be great if the rooms had health, could be damaged by raiders or simply get destroyed overtime.

2. more than 200 dwellers - once you get 200 dwellers, you will soon find out that its not enough. but then again, its a mobile game and the resources could be quite minimal… so this could be acceptable.

3. more varying raiders - 3 to 4 raiders are not enough. probably have one large mutant raider along with the others or have monsters raid the vault as well.

I got more ideas in mind but that could come in the next version or so. I mean, this is the first Bethesda game on mobile anyways. They should really focus on the core titles like Elder Scrolls perhaps. What’s coming next to Skyrim I wonder?

Outfit Bug

One interesting thing on Fallout Shelter was the outfit bug, try letting out a female dweller on the wasteland and have her pickup an outfit exclusive for male dwellers. She will automatically wear this regardless if its for males only as long as the attributes are higher than what she currently wears. This will make the dweller look like a random female dweller from the wasteland with varying outfits.


In the meantime here are some of the wierd screenshots I took from the game:

That athletic pregnant woman will definitely go places

football guy: “I’m not letting any of you freaks in!”

Raiders are wrecking the vault door and we’re just sitting here playing pool

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