Dhalsim Looking Better than Ever

30 October 2015

First Impressions

I didn’t like Dhalsim that much but this Dhalsim makes do … a little bit.

Visually Dhalsim looks really cool… with the white beard and all. The animations are really smooth and much more dynamic than the previous Street Fighter titles. He looks more elastic now but that cartoony look especially on when he does the Critical Arts are a bit off. Soooo cartoony I remember Naruto for a second.

Regarding that Critical Art, As you can see on the video, Dhalsim sips out a huge belly-full of air and throws a ball of fire like a hoop of Yoga Catastrophe and it looks like it could deal a decent amount of damage. Usage would be a bit more tricky now that it seems like Dhalsim could get a huge punish out on the low. I’m not sure if the teleport could be a solution to make it safer to execute since usually on Street Fighter IV, when Dhalsim does Ultra to Yoga Catastrophe, you can simply do a quick throw and escape the predicament. But lets see once we get him playable.

And did I mention the stance? standing on 1 foot? … awesome…


The Typical Indian Stereotype

We’ll at least he looks more indian now with that legit turban and beard, not a racist remark. Back in the days I didn’t really care if he’s indian but for once I thought he’s indonesian or something, because of the elephants… we’ll I was a kid back then so… yeah :D. Still looks malnourished and no eyeballs but that’s okay, He’s Dhalsim! he’s been around for a long while and Street Fighter V will feel wierd without Dhalsim anyways. I sure hoped it could’ve been Twelve but anyways, better luck next Street Fighter title maybe? :D



V trigger looks quite useful as well, Dhalsim burns the ground with his V Trigger and as far as I have read, the area looking like a carpet of fire will deal extra damage that gradually regenerates overtime, that is if you still have life to spare.

In additon to the V-Trigger I also notived 4 new things to worry about on this new Dhalsim:

  1. bouncing diagonal projectiles - did you notice the fireballs bounce? … sick.
  2. that new upwards yoga flame looks like a good juggle starter or an anti air move.
  3. air fireballs!
  4. reversal attacks and teleports
  5. stationary midair downwards kick (not the screwdriver divekick) - could be a good combo starter


Official Launch and Roster Update

Okay! so no more Twelve… Alex has also been demoted to a background character at least for the time being but Capcom teases yet another set of characters to join the roster after the launch which was also officially announced at the Sony Paris Game Week 2015. Street Fighter V is Due to release on PS4 on February 16, 2016.

Capcom SFV Characters After Launch Tease

I would guess these characters would be the following (left to right):

  • Alex - I mean look at the stance. :D that grappling stance obviously looks like from Alex.
  • Guile - Definitely guile, you would know how stiff his fighing stance is. and the silhouette didn’t show the hair since it will totally give it away.
  • Balrog - I’m guessing its Balrog (the boxer) in training hood. Not sure with that necklace thouh. Come to think of it, He could be a new character as well, we wouldnt really know for now but it sure is a possibility.
  • Ibuki - Clearly, I can see Ibuki… I just do.
  • Juri - It looks like a raised leg! It could be Juri, I mean… why not!?
  • Hagar - They showed the eyes! Its Hagar! I mean, if not for a visible mustache you would agree with me instantly! :D

Okay, with that out of the way, Lets look at what the Roster looks like now:

Current Street Fighter V Launch Roster October 2015

So we have that as the official roster at the moment with the last new character left unannounced (Most likely be Zen as leaked a few months ago :D ).

February 16… Can’t wait…

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